Uniper Launches Cross-Platform Telehealth and Social Engagement Service for Older Adult Population in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak To Address Isolation Hardships

Featuring FIBA company Uniper. 

, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Uniper-Care Technologies, a telehealth and social engagement company that offers older adults access to remote healthcare and connection to social groups, announced their new cross-platform service that enables older adults and at risk individuals in isolation to connect and engage with healthcare professionals, access live and interactive health and wellness programs, and communicate with family and friends. The service is designed to help the at-risk, older adult population and healthcare systems cope and adhere with the new world order of extensive social isolation due to the Coronavirus.

As noted by the CDC, the older population is at high risk to become extremely ill from the Coronavirus. According to a Kaiser Foundation report – 4 of 10 adults are over the age of 60 or have serious underlying medical conditions. That means 105 million adults in the United States are at high risk to become severely ill or infected. Healthcare systems worldwide are taking measures to isolate the elderly to increase their safety. Uniper, who has to date provided tech-based and evidence-based services to the frailest populations via any TV-set has sped up the development of their cross-platform service to relieve the loneliness, isolation and anxiety that results from social distancing. The tech-enabled service can now be accessed via any TV, tablet, mobile device, desktop or laptop. Healthcare delivery systems, facilities, Insurance Payers, and other healthcare and senior care providers can sign up to partner with Uniper and offer the accessible service to their members or clients. For additional info and to sign up, visit the Uniper site

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