As seen in Tampa Bay Times “Tampa Bay seniors isolated by pandemic find a virtual connection”

PINELLAS PARK — Most mornings, Joyce Lindsay flips on the TV in her living room and starts moving. She shakes to the music during Zumba classes, stretches her limbs wide during yoga flows, and eventually stops for a moment of calm.

Sometimes she does as many as four classes, nearly three hours of working out. She said the exercise helps ease the pain she feels from her arthritis.

“I’ve been inside so much since the coronavirus, but now I feel so alive,” Lindsay said. “I have gotten my life back.”… 

“So this is an opportunity for those clients to participate as well, even when COVID is hopefully no longer an issue,” Winter said.

The online platform, Uniper, offers taped and livestream courses on topics ranging from travel and cooking to exercise and meditation. Participants can also interact with other viewers, turning their screens on and chatting in various peer-led discussions, Winter said.

“It’s kind of like Zoom, but it’s made specifically for seniors,” she said.

Read the full article on Tampa Bay Times here. 

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