Featured on BizJournals.com: FIBA company gets $1 million from Florida Funders

After bringing 28 companies to the state over three years, the Florida-Israeli Business Accelerator program in Tampa Bay has gotten another investment success story.

UC-Care, a medical technology company that was in FIBA’s 2018 program, received a $1 million investment from Florida Funders through a joint ventureon Wednesday.

“We are here to help fund the next generation of Florida tech companies,” said Saxon Baum, director of business development at Florida Funders in a statement. “Being able to partner with FIBA and bring truly amazing Israeli companies to Florida is lifting the ecosystem in terms of talent and technology. Throughout the next few weeks we will begin to offer other FIBA investment opportunities through our portal, making it easy to invest into some great Israeli companies.”

Read more at Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Article by Tampa Bay Business Journal.

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