Featured on Calcalistech.com: Silicon Valley or New York: for Many Israeli Startups This Is No Longer the Question

Israeli startups find attractive landing pads in the U.S. outside the major tech hubs, in cities such as Detroit, Tampa, and Atlanta. 

The Bay Area or New York— many Israeli startups looking to enter the American market have grappled with the question of where to set up shop. New York has made considerable strides building a robust ecosystem to support startups and tech talent. These include the creation of the Global Cyber Center initiative that plans to make New York the global center for cybersecurity and the Cornell-Technion campus on Roosevelt Island. Additionally, New York is an environment generally receptive to Israeli business. Still, it is just one of many available landing pads outside Silicon Valley.

The migration of talent—and capital—from the Bay Area to new and emerging ecosystems, bolstered by public and private partnerships to build these ecosystems as drivers of economic growth, has increased the competition over international startups. In this setup, Israeli startups are often well-received because of the U.S.’s established economic ties with Israel, the involvement, and sometimes financial support of local Jewish communities, and local government strategies that want to mimic Israel’s reputed success in building a “startup nation.” Read more at CTECH.

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