Featured on: The Times of Israel (timesofisrael.com): Beyond beaches: Florida seeks to lure Israeli startups

Beyond beaches: Florida seeks to lure Israeli startups

Tampa Jewish Community Centers’ accelerator helps new firms navigate US business culture

Move over, Silicon Valley and New York. Florida Gov. Rick Scott is looking to put his state “on the map for innovation.” Scott is visiting Israel this week at the head of an almost 70-strong delegation including businessmen and university heads hoping to whip up the appetite of Israeli startups to set up their businesses in the third-most populous US state. “Over half a million people have moved to Florida recently because of its economic development,” Scott told a gathering of businessmen in Tel Aviv on Monday, in a bid to raise the state’s profile. “There are today opportunities for technology companies to access the US markets by setting up their headquarters in Florida, because of the comfortable terms offered by our good business environment. We have an extensive space industry — and there is lots of place for Israeli startups to integrate into the field.” To read this article in its entirety, CLICK HERE.
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