As seen on St Pete Catalyst “Janet Echelman on her work at the St. Pete Pier, and other takeaways from FIBA’s Innovation Fusion”

Aerial sculptor Janet Echelman wanted to create art for the St. Pete Pier that would reflect a movement towards justice at the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront location. 

The result was Bending Arc, unveiled a few weeks ago when the new Pier opened.

During a keynote address at the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator’s Innovation Fusion event Wednesday night, Echelman, who grew up in Tampa, said the sculpture honors the site’s role in the civil rights movement. Protestors challenged a segregated municipal pool at the site, leading to the 1957 U.S. Supreme Court case ruling which upheld the rights of all citizens to enjoy use of the municipal beach and swimming pool without discrimination.

The title of the sculpture was inspired by a quote in a speech from the late Dr. Marin Luther King, who said, “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.” 

Read the full article on St Pete Catalyst here. 

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