As seen on Grit Daily “Why Florida Is Becoming a Global Tech Hub for Israeli Startups”

Florida is home to several technology companies and is growing as more programs to help them pop up in the state. Many young entrepreneurs begin looking to the sunshine state for a start where they can establish their company.

For Israeli startup companies, this holds true as well. Florida offers a great opportunity for companies looking to expand their markets into the United States, according to Rachel Feinman, Executive Director of the Florida Israeli Business Accelerator.

Emphasizing the importance of Israel’s leadership in the global technology sector, Feinman added that about 40 out of 50 multinational technology corporations have research and development facilities in Israel.

“In addition to it [Israel] being a tech powerhouse, it is also an incredibly small country with an incredibly small market so Israeli startup founders are actually creating startups that are focused from inception on other markets,” she said.

How Business Accelerator’s Can Be Integrated Into Your Model

According to Feinman, it’s an extremely daunting process for a young company to either move or just to establish a presence in the U.S., making business accelerator’s extremely attractive. For Florida’s marketplace, this is where the Florida Israeli Business Accelerator (FIBA) comes in…

Read the full article on Grit Daily here.

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