FIBA Launch

Validation and Industry Immersion

FIBA leverages its strong network of business executives, investors, government officials, and leaders from both the Florida Jewish community and the greater business community to provide market knowledge and validation, and access to investors and large corporations necessary to grow their companies in the US. The FIBA Launch program is separated into 2 key components: Validation – Test your technology and go-to-market plan in one of the US best test markets with real business leaders. The company will be introduced to the Tampa Bay market through public and private networking events (minimum of 5), receive market and domain knowledge through an assigned team of executive level mentors, subject-matter-experts, prepare and practice for customer and investor meetings and get validation and feedback from a decision maker at a potential corporate who may be interested in buying the technology. Industry immersion – Immerse yourself in a new market and receive concierge level access to investors and customers. Upon satisfactory completion of company validation, the company will be invited to return to Tampa for an intense week filled with customer and investor introductions. FIBA will facilitate warm introductions to a minimum of 20 investors during at least one dedicated demo day for FIBA companies, as well as one-on-one investor meetings and pitch opportunities for an opportunity to raise needed funds. This week will also include pre-scheduled one-on-one sales meetings with 5 potential customers interested in learning more about the company’s unique technology. This week presents opportunities for the company to present to a wide audience of investors, customers and influencers who are interested in Israeli innovation. At the end of the industry immersion stage, FIBA will work closely with each company to provide support for the most promising opportunities in an effort to convert them to a paid pilot or sale—this includes facilitating follow up meetings and assistance negotiating terms. FIBA will also follow-up and facilitate further discussions with any investor groups who have shown interest. Companies that are a good fit for FIBA Launch have a product/technology that is ready for market, preferably with a customer-base in Israel or other countries and resources allocated to activities surrounding launch of the product in the US market. The founders must be willing, available and capable to travel to Tampa extensively or alternatively relocate to the US or hire an executive level employee based in the US. We encourage you to submit an application even if you are not sure whether you are a good candidate. We will review all applications and get in touch with you to discuss. For more information contact us.

 Program Terms

Launching your technology in a new market, especially the US, can be costly. At FIBA we believe that we can help you enter the market with a much lower investment than you expect.  The FIBA Launch program can expedite your time to market and help you find your initial US-based customers. Once you have a track record in the US, customer acquisition will become somewhat easier and investors will be more inclined to consider your company for an investment. The FIBA Launch Program is offered at no upfront cost to the Israeli company. For any successful sales or investment, FIBA will receive a commission (% of revenue) and/or finder’s fee (sliding scale based on amount raised). FIBA is a subsidiary of the Tampa Jewish Federation and Community Centers, a non-profit (501c3) organization, and the fees will contribute toward future programming and the overall mission of the parent organization.


FIBA is housed in the new Bryan Glazer Family JCC. The historic building was retrofitted with the latest amenities including a fitness and aquatic center, an event center and an art center. The facility offers on-site free parking and is located at the heart of Tampa, 20 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes from downtown and 5 minutes to a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars in trendy Hyde Park, Soho and the River Heights neighborhood. As part of our program, participants receive free membership to the fitness and aquatic center for the duration of their stay in Tampa. The FIBA space offers space for small events and meetings in addition to private offices and conference rooms. The companies participating in the FIBA Launch program can use the space while they are in Tampa. Wifi, printing, scanning, copying and A/V services are also available.


In order to help you understand the US market and the industry you are targeting, open doors for you and coach you on how to navigate the sales process in the US, we have a network of mentors and subject matter experts who are experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, corporate executives, university professors and professional service providers who are eager to help. During the FIBA Launch program, you will be introduced to a select group of mentors and subject matter experts who will focus on helping you be successful. In addition, FIBA will coordinate events and networking opportunities for your to meet people from the business, entrepreneurial and Jewish community in Tampa Bay. We found that many meaningful connections happen during these interactions. One of the strengths of the FIBA program is in its strong connection to the community and the network of people it will help you build.

If you reside in the Tampa Bay area, you can be a part of the FIBA Launch program in various capacities, such as a mentor, advisor or sponsor. Discover opportunities to be a part of the growth of the Tampa Bay business community.

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