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There are a number of great opportunities for you to join FIBA and be a part of the growth of the Tampa Bay business community. When you join FIBA as a challenge partner, sponsor, investor, mentor, speaker, or intern, you will be integral part of the development and growth of an entrepreneurial platform in the Tampa Bay Area. A platform that will enable you to work with the most talented entrepreneurs in the world and to place yourself or your company at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Your contribution of time and resources will ensure that the Tampa Bay area continues to emerge as a primary destination for tech startups that can grow our economy.

Participation opportunities include:

Florida-Israel Business Accelerator Judges

Be a Challenge Partner

Large corporations have difficulty fostering innovation in-house, but have an inherent need to stay current in an ever-changing and competitive market place. By partnering with FIBA, corporations can essentially out-source R&D by having access to the most cutting-edge technology and some of the world’s most innovative thinkers.

Becoming a Challenge Partner with FIBA, will enable corporations to identify a capability gap or business problem and invite startup companies to offer their solution to the problem. The entrepreneurs may have the solution or may need to customize or localize it to the specific needs of the corporation. Direct industry input will help our innovators to streamline product into existing production-lines; shorten time to market and lower costs.

For more information about becoming a Challenge Partner, visit our Be a Challenge Partner page.

We seek sponsors who will both compliment and champion our innovators at the highest level; who understand engagement and collaboration, and who are committed to the success of our accelerator. Becoming a corporate or individual sponsor with FIBA offers you or your company an opportunity to have a seat on the advisory board, and to take part of our exclusive events. In addition we have several naming opportunities and recognition opportunities on the FIBA website, on-site, on marketing collateral and at events.

For more information about becoming a sponsor, visit our Be a Sponsor page.

Florida-Israel Business Accelerator Judges

Florida-Israel Business Accelerator Judges

Be an Investor

Access to capital is a key factor needed for an entrepreneurial economy to flourish. Additionally, capital is essential at all stages of a company’s growth. By establishing the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator, we aim to attract more VCs and Angel investors to the Tampa Bay Area.

Our main objective is to help our selected companies succeed in the United States. Successes that will bring a high yield return for our investors and economic growth for the Tampa Bay Area.

For more information about becoming an investor, visit our Be a Investor page.

Be a Mentor

Your expertise and guidance can be instrumental to the success of the next wave of dynamic startups. Mentors are needed to provide expertise and inspiration to our cohorts. They are also needed to open doors to the local business community.

For more information about mentorship opportunities, visit our Be a Mentor page.

Florida-Israel Business Accelerator Judges

Florida-Israel Business Accelerator Judges

Be a Speaker

Your knowledge is needed for various speaking opportunities and events. Being a speaker gives you chance to make an impact on our cohorts through your expertise and experiences.

For more information about speaking opportunities, visit our Be a Speaker page.

Be an Intern

At the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator, we seek the exceptional, the motivated and the innovative. Our highly competitive internship programs provide candidates with the opportunity to gain the best hands-on experience in virtually every area within the startup world. As one of our interns, you’ll help us achieve one common goal – to bring innovation and inspiration to the Tampa Bay area as well as to the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator and its startup companies.

For more information about speaking opportunities, visit our Be an Intern page.

Be an Intern