The startup that starred in the Small Giants list is already conquering the world

The Israeli start-up (FIBA company) Aura Air has completed a project to protect 400 buses in the UK and Ireland from the corona virus, using unique technology for air purification in enclosed spaces.

The system has been installed in tourist buses that have been converted in recent months to transport vital workers to their workplaces safely so as not to endanger them by traveling on public transport.

The Aura Air device monitors the air in the bus space including temperature, humidity, the amount of carbon dioxide, organic gases and more and compares them to the external air data. The facility works so that it performs a full five-hour replacement of all the air on the bus, and according to the company, a study conducted at Sheba Hospital determined that the system has the ability to destroy various bacteria and viruses including the corona virus at 99.9%. 

Royal air purification

It was recently reported that the Saraceno Palace in Madrid, used by the King of Spain, has incorporated Israeli technology, and is now installed in a palace where the royal family welcomes foreign guests who come to the palace where the king holds meetings with the Spanish prime minister and ministers.

The systems that have been installed in the palace make it possible to monitor, analyze and purify the air in order to provide King Philip VI and his guests with a safe environment with clean and pure air. 

Read the full article on Forbes here. 


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