San Antonio Fire Department & QinFlow collaborate to deliver better patient outcome in emergency situations

Featuring FIBA company QinFlow.  

PLANO, Texas – QinFlow, the manufacturer of the Warrior line of top-performance and portable blood and IV fluid warming solutions for the entire continuum of emergency care, is proud to announce that the Warrior line has now been validated to effectively and safely warm rapid intermittent flows like those generated by push-pull methods and hand pumps.

This breakthrough accomplishment is the result of an active collaboration between the nationally acclaimed San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) — the first metropolitan fire department worldwide to carry whole blood prehospitally — and QinFlow. SAFD’s whole blood program has made a life and death difference for a growing number of survivors since 2018.  In an effort to further improve patient outcome, SAFD’s medical team contemplated to introduce a new high-flow hand pump infuser, which was developed in accordance with the team’s specifications, with the intention to deliver blood to the sickest patients more effectively. Since keeping trauma patients warm is critically important so as to combat the lethal ‘triad of death’, the team approached their warmer vendor, QinFlow, and asked them to validate that the Warrior blood warmer can keep up and effectively warm blood/fluids to body temperature despite the rapid pulsation flows that the new infuser generates…

… Read the full article on EMS1 here. 

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