Aura Air Purification Pilot Program in Place for Fall Semester

Featuring FIBA company Aura Air. 

This fall as students return to Jacksonville University, and some semblance of normal resumes, there will be a new addition to the incoming class. It may not be noticed at first. Designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, it could easily be mistaken for some kind smoke detector or intercom box, but while relatively small in size, this device has a very big job to do. In the spaces in which it’s been installed, the Aura Air purification system is being employed to purify and monitor indoor air quality.

As part of a pilot program between Jacksonville University and Israeli startup Aura Air, approximately 20 Aura Air purification units have been installed in interior spaces throughout campus. JU is the first university in the United States to use the innovative air-filtering and purifying technology.

“Throughout the pandemic Jacksonville University has strived to provide a safe environment for students, faculty and staff,” said Jamie Burket, assistant dean of students and a member of Jacksonville University’s COVID response team.  “Many classes were moved outdoors and online, cutting edge health technology was installed, certified contact tracers were activated, on-campus dining and the student experience were redesigned, and flexible work and learning environments were expanded. The pilot program use of Aura Air is another of the many ways we are investing in campus as students return.”

Read the full article on Wave Magazine.

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