Ashtrom Group invests in Aura Air start-up to reduce spread of COVID

Featuring FIBA company Aura Air. 

Ashtrom Group, one of Israel’s leading construction and property companies, invested $1.25 million in the Israeli startup Aura Air, which develops and markets facilities for purifying and filtering environments from bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus, the company announced in a statement earlier this week.
A study at Sheba Hospital concluded that the system has the ability to remove bacteria and viruses at a rate of 99.97%.

The same study also concluded that a person who tests positive for COVID-19 and is actively shedding virus particles in an enclosed structure (provided that the systems are in place) would be highly unlikely to pass the disease along to someone nearby. 
The system is also able to remove mold and parasites, and they have been installed in diverse places such as sports halls, synagogues, entertainment venues and public transportation systems.  

Read the full article on Jpost here. 

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