2018 Cohort Feature: BetterCare

Naomi Shalom Rubinstein felt from a very young age that helping people with disabilities live full lives was a priority to her. Choosing community service was a natural choice for her and Naomi spent her service hours working hand in hand with physical and occupational therapists at a school for Cerebral Palsy children. This work led her to get her degree as a Physical Therapist and she continued in the field, working in nursing homes and helping people gain function, eventually getting her MBA and MHA. Migrating into the corporate world, Naomi worked as a strategic consultant and following that at the management level on business development and opening hospitals for Hospital Organizations. But her passion towards elderly care never waned. After several years in the corporate arena, Naomi quit and went back to her roots as a consultant in skilled nursing and quality care. At the same time, she realized that something amazing was happening in the United States. Elderly care was becoming less institutionalized and more “person-centered care.” Assisted living and SNFs were becoming an industry in the U.S., with centers that felt more like home than a hospital. Naomi wanted to bring this to Israel. Looking into the industry more closely Naomi immediately saw a deficit in managerial tools. There was no digital communication about patient care between nurses and caregivers. Turnover of these professionals, as well as different languages also created confusion with patient care. Naomi, seeing this gap, set out to change the industry. With BetterCare, caregivers and care managers (ie nurses) can communicate about their patient’s care needs across languages and cultures. The icon based, patient care application has bridged the gap and makes it easy to care for these people with kindness and dignity. The BetterCare platform has been implemented in several facilities in Israel with great success. BetterCare for elders is the lifelong dream of Naomi Shalom Rubinstein. She took her vision and passion and made it a reality. She created a connection to enable better elder care. This is exactly what FIBA hoped to find in its cohorts. Entrepreneurism at its finest. We are excited at what the future holds for BetterCare. If you have experience with Skilled Nursing Facilities and can offer market and industry knowledge and connections to Naomi, please reach out to the FIBA team at office@fiba.io.  

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