SiteAware (Founded 2015) offers quality assurance and progress monitoring for buildings and high rises. The technology will help Construction Companies, Owners and Real-Estate Developers to meet project budget, timelines, quality and safety. SiteAware has turned off-the-shelf consumer drones into autonomous high accuracy, high performance construction robots. Using computer vision and AI, this platform can focus on construction execution automation and keeps tabs on analytics and insights to transform construction into a manufacturing process.

The Problem: Improved productivity could save $1.2 trillion in construction jobsite execution (*BCG). Most of this inefficiency is paid by the real-estate developers (either private or public).

The Solution: Through both software and hardware solutions, we provide live quality and progress information enabling real-estate developers to make data-driven decisions. By enabling transparency to all stakeholders, data transforms construction execution.

SiteAware in the news:

January 2022 “SiteAware closes $15 million Series B to streamline construction” – Calcalist Tech

July 2019 “Commercial Property Joins Tech Revolution as Spending Soars” – Wall Street Journal

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