QinFlow offers next-generation blood and IV fluid warming solution for the entire continuum of emergency care (field and hospitals). The technology has given the capability to simply and efficiently heat blood, plasma or other fluids at the site of the injury for immediate transfusion which will result in countless lives saved.

The Problem: Trauma and hypothermia is a lethal combination, but administering Blood / IV fluids at body temperature is complicated: – Pre-hospital solutions struggle to perform – Hospital solutions lack portability and are often difficult to use.

The SolutionThe Warrior is a modular system that uniquely addresses the blood and IV fluid warming needs across the entire continuum of emergency care (that is, points of injury, critical care transports and hospital emergency settings). The Warrior’s cutting edge underlying technology allows it to perform where other solutions simply fail and offer the levels of portability and simplicity that are critically required in environments in which every second counts.


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