Startup works with Tampa General to streamline data

Milagro AI, a startup that was part of the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator in 2020, has implemented its technology in several hospital systems, most recently at Tampa General Hospital, due to the connection at FIBA. The startup, founded in 2015 by Amit May-Dan and Greg Hobbs, addresses the ongoing problems of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and readmissions, which can have a negative health outcome for patients and increase the cost of care for hospitals. Milagro AI automates real-time surveillance for infections in hospitals to streamline data and uses predictive algorithms within existing workflows for problems to provide early detection of infections and readmission risks. To date, the company has raised roughly $10 million, which includes a grant for innovation in Israel. It is currently raising an additional $2 million, which would be dedicated to expanding in the U.S. Milagro AI has operations in Austin, Texas, with several team members in Tampa. In total, the company has 25 employees.

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