Israeli startup to purify hospital air from coronavirus

(FIBA Company) Aura Air’s new filtration and disinfection system is piloted at Sheba Medical Center for its potential to screen and target Covid-19 in the air.

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, which has treated more than 300 Covid-19 patients, completed an initial month-long pilot of an air filtration and disinfection system from Israeli startup Aura Air.

In previous lab experiments, the system demonstrated an average of 99 percent effectiveness against influenza viruses H1N1 and H5N1.

“We started the collaborative work with Sheba in an effort to reduce contaminants in the hospital, and then the coronavirus arrived,” said Roy Friedberg, vice president of Aura Air.

“Now, in the midst of testing, we are focusing on purifying and disinfecting the air from severe viruses, including the coronavirus,” he said.

Phase two of the pilot has now begun at Sheba. The system will be installed in laboratories that diagnose the virus, medical staff rooms, operating rooms of patients diagnosed with the virus, and rooms of at-risk patients. Simultaneously, a clinical and microbiological trial will be conducted.

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