How Augmented Reality is Transforming the Oil Industry

Israeli company Fieldbit among many firms providing technology aimed at helping field technicians fix issues and prevent oil spills

Augmented reality (AR) technology is moving beyond the world of gaming and transforming the oil and gas industry by enabling on-site technicians to immediately access remote expert help.

A number of firms have already adopted the emerging technology – which could help to potentially avert oil spills – including Chevron, British Petroleum (BP) and Baker Hughes, among many others.

In 2010, an explosion at BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig resulted in some 210 million gallons of oil and 225,000 tons of methane spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, leading to a massive ecological disaster that caused untold damage to marine life and surrounding areas.

Since then, oil firms have adopted AR headsets and glasses, which superimpose digital images on what the wearer sees in real life to fix problems on rigs, refineries and plants. The technology transmits information in real-time to experts located anywhere in the world, who can then respond with instructions and guidance to a technician on-site.

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