COVID-19: Ahead of Passover, Chabad gets Israeli air purifiers

Israeli start-up Aura Air has provided Chabad houses worldwide with specialized air purifiers effective against COVID-19 as part of preparations for the upcoming Passover holiday.
The purifiers were flown out of Israel and installed in various Chabad synagogues and dining halls across the globe. The deliveries were made possible thanks to donations by Chabad members who wanted to commemorate their deceased family members.

While these purifiers were given out worldwide, the installations mainly took place in areas with high morbidity rates.
“Unlike the ‘end of the pandemic’ atmosphere we have in Israel, they still suffer from the continuous spread of COVID-19 with high numbers of infections and deaths in those countries,” according to a statement by Aura Air CEO in North America Roei Friedberg, who led the operation… 

Read the full article on The Jerusalem Post here. 

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