AT&T and Microsoft Test Network Edge Compute to Enhance 5G for Business

Featuring FIBA company Vorpal. 

Proof of Concept – Keeping an Eye on Drones

To advance the potential for NEC services, AT&T is creating a NEC environment at the AT&T Foundry in Plano, Texas, where we co-create new, cutting-edge solutions with enterprise and public safety customers. Our team in Plano worked with the AT&T Foundry in Israel to identify a startup that could enhance their solutions via NEC. We’re now testing our solution with Israel-based Vorpal Ltd.

The use of drones has exploded in recent years. But in some cases, drones can be a safety hazard when flying near restricted areas. Vorpal offers VigilAir as a drone detection and geolocation tracking solution. The service can be useful to commercial drone monitoring, airports, public safety law enforcement agencies and others needing the ability to identify drone and operator locations in near-real time, enhancing monitoring and mitigation. As Vorpal expects drone usage, and in particular commercial drone usage, to substantially increase in the coming years, the need for VigilAir to take advantage of high throughput and low latency compute will be important to deliver the best results.

By running their VigilAir application using Azure cloud services delivered through the Plano AT&T test environment, and connecting their drone-tracking sensors using AT&T LTE and 5G networks, Vorpal could achieve the low latency and compute scalability required for optimized performance.

 Read the full story on PR Newswire here. 

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