Holiday Connections

The year is winding down and the holidays are in full swing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with parties, happy hours, and the final push to be productive, but let’s take a moment to think about the best things about the holidays.
  1. An excuse to visit with clients, co-workers, and industry contacts on a personal level. We’ve been saying it all year….Connections are what makes a business thrive.
  2. Delicious holiday food!
  3. Thanking your donors and supporters for backing your ideas and goals.
  4. Connecting with others at industry events.
  5. Reflecting on the amazing year your company has had.
  6. Start planning next years business goals.
  7. Did we say Connect! Connect! Connect!
As we visit with family and friends and colleagues this holiday season, it is important to remember the goal of the holidays. Connections. FIBA wishes you and yours and wonderful holiday season, full of meaningful connections. Happy Holidays!

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