Happy New Year

Happy new year. The FIBA team has been busy preparing for 2018. Our program has been modified based on our experience from the 2017 cohort and to make it most relevant and efficient for the Israeli entrepreneurs. We are planning to bring 8 companies to the FIBA program this year. They will be required to spend a total of 6 weeks in Tampa and encouraged to return to Tampa frequently afterwards. We will bring 4 companies to Tampa Feb. 12-Mar.8 and another 4 companies Apr. 23-May 18. Working with 4 companies at a time will allow us to give each company our full attention. All 8 companies will be back in Tampa in June for meetings with investors, customers and strategic partners in addition to FIBA’s annual “Innovation Fusion” event scheduled for June 13, 2018 at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC. Save the date! Our recruitment efforts started in November and we are happy to report we received highly qualified applications so far and continue to receive more applications every day. We are now in the midst of our review and screening process, where we conduct video calls with the companies and invite experts from the community to weigh in and provide their feedback. Companies that move to the next step in the process, go through a due diligence process with our partner law firm in Israel. We are expecting to select the 4 companies for our February session by mid-January and welcome them in Tampa to start an intensive program on February 12. We are looking for subject matter experts, mentors and connectors who can help us acculturate, educate and open doors, but also make the entrepreneurs feel welcomed and fall in love with Tampa, so they decide to open an office locally. If you are interested in getting involved in some capacity, please reach out to us at office@fiba.io or give us a call at 813-291-2300.

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