FIBA welcomes members of the Tampa Bay entrepreneurial community to Innovation Fusion: A Collaborative Exchange

innovation_fusion On June 22nd, 2017, the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator will host Innovation Fusion: A Collaborative Exchange, at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC. The afternoon will feature a discussion about the innovation ecosystem in Tampa Bay and the bright future that it holds. FIBA invites members of the innovation and entrepreneurial communities to attend the afternoon of cutting edge technology discussions, insights, and more. Also, the event will be attended by FIBA’s Spring cohort companies, a group of businesses and technologies that have brought their innovation from abroad to further Tampa’s innovation ecosystem through the accelerator program. We are very excited also to share that a keynote presentation will be delivered by our special guest Jeff Vinik, Tampa Bay Lightning Chairman and Governor. The companies in FIBA’s spring cohort have varying backgrounds and industry applications, from analytics platforms to technology and military defense, and more. The companies that will be present at Innovation Fusion include Stemrad, SkySapience, Safe-T, WeissBeerger, Tomobox, Tevatronic, eProc Solutions and Blazepod. For more information about each company, visit Our Startups page. FIBA takes great pride in presenting innovations and their teams to Tampa Bay. We look forward to inviting the community of Tampa Bay to join us for Innovation Fusion at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC. The event is free and takes place from 2-6 pm. Space is limited; register today!

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