Say is an engagement platform and a powerful communication system that makes events successful. Say offers engagement, gamification, and meaningful networking using Bluetooth Low Energy responsive tags with an HD screen, that integrates with existing event-apps, providing enhanced experience and data collection.

The problem: Event organizers spend a lot of money in order to engage their audience and to deliver the best ROI to each of their stakeholders – sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. They currently use beacons, scanners and more expensive tools that are difficult to manage and provide poor results because of the reliance on participants’ phones.

The solution: The Say smart tag enables organizers to create a mesmerizing personalized experience, to qualify leads real-time and to instantly connect people in a fun way, with features like: in-tag agenda reminders, auto enhanced contact exchange, live matchmaking, targeted in-tag giveaways and dynamic content that changes based on proximity, location, and timing. With data layers that never existed before Say enables event organizers to understand what motivates and engages their audience members and to create a personalized lasting experience, throughout and after the event.

The technology: The Say device is a Bluetooth Low Energy responsive tag with an HD screen and with tapping and proximity sensors. The Say app allows users to access and control the content on the tags. The technology is cloud-based.

CEO: Shaked Lev

Rachel’s quote: “Say is one of the coolest companies in the FIBA portfolio. We plan to explore partnerships for Say in the tourism and sports industries in Florida.”

CEO quote: “As we opened our round A, we are thrilled to collaborate with the FIBA team and to be exposed to the Tampa community as we believe it can help us raise the funds needed to bring our innovation and life-saving cause to the US market.”

Number of employees: 5