Rakefet Bachur-Phillips


Rakefet Bachur-Phillips

Co-Executive Director

Rakefet Bachur-Phillips was born and raised outside Tel Aviv and served in the Israel Defense Force (IDF).  After completing her military service, she attended The College of Management in Tel-Aviv and graduated with a communications degree. After traveling the world, she joined a design firm doing business with international companies and startups, including the startup that invented the USB drive.

In a harbinger of things to come, Phillips went to work for an Israeli startup, Talia Technology, working in marketing for the company developing medical devices.  Then, just like the companies FIBA is helping today, Phillips transferred to Tampa and became a liaison for Talia as it sought to establish a U.S. subsidiary.  After the company was successfully sold, Phillips obtained a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Tampa and began working for BayCare Health System.

Phillips rose to Marketing Manager for the largest healthcare system in Florida, spearheading campaigns for women and children’s services and opening two new facilities.

When the opportunity to work with Israeli startups presented itself, she joined the inaugural team of FIBA, where she worked in marketing, communications, and recruiting Israeli companies to join the accelerator in Tampa.

In 2020, Phillips was named Co-Executive Director of FIBA along with Pamela Miniati.

In 2023, Phillips was recognized as Business Woman of the Year by Tampa Bay Business Journal.

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