Be a Challenge Partner

Large corporations have difficulty fostering innovation in-house, but have an inherent need to stay current in an ever-changing and competitive market place. By partnering with FIBA, corporations can essentially out-source R&D by having access to the most cutting-edge technology and some of the world’s most innovative thinkers.

Becoming a Challenge Partner with FIBA, will enable corporations to identify a capability gap or business problem and invite startup companies to offer their solution to the problem. The entrepreneurs may have the solution or may need to customize or localize it to the specific needs of the corporation. Direct industry input will help our innovators to streamline product into existing production-lines; shorten time to market and lower costs.

The challenge partners will be invited to sit on the advisory board, participate in the screening process, and work closely and exclusively with the selected startup who offer solutions for their business problem. FIBA will facilitate meetings between the startups and the challenge sponsors during the 16-week program to pitch and demo their technology, develop Proof-of-Concept and Go-to-Market plans, and review and refine the solution with the intention that the collaboration will result in an investment, partnership, licensing or acquisition contract. The challenge sponsors will also be invited to exclusive FIBA events, expert panels and ideation sessions. In addition we have several naming opportunities and recognition opportunities on the FIBA website, on-site, on marketing collateral and at events.



To become one of our Challenge Partners, click the link below and fill out the Participate form. 

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