Neil Spirtas

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Neil Spirtas

Senior Consultant

Formerly a Senior Vice President for the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, Neil Spirtas spent 30 years as the chamber’s executive for small business/tourism development and governmental affairs. A native of Belleville, Illinois, Neil earned his bachelor of science degree and master’s degree (in Community Development) from the University of Missouri – Columbia, MO.

Neil also received economic development training, graduating from the Florida Industrial Development Workshop, the Economic Development Institute, and the Institute for Organizational Management. Having worked for three universities as an instructor (off-campus) and Community Development Specialist and the Florida Department of Commerce in Economic Development, Neil cites as his biggest accomplishment as having “worked with people on the local level, striving to meet common goals and aspirations, and celebrating in their final outcome and successes.”  Spirtas is credited with bringing tens of millions of dollars for workforce development/technical school training, roadway safety and improvements primarily for Manatee County.

Neil has published numerous papers, books, and served on countless foundations and boards of directors. Neil and his wife Robyn reside in Bradenton, Florida.