Marvin Scaff

Marvin Scaff – Technologist / Entreprener-in-residence 35+ years of technology product development experience having developed hardware and software diagnostic tools for the Apple at the age of 15. His experience spans many industries including competitive positioning, having created ‘guruware’ tools for Regis McKenna based on the CRUSH methodology pioneered at Intel. Dr. Bradley Gale, author of the PIMS Principle and developer of the metrics for the first Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award. In the early 2000’s Marvin was an EIR for SVIC which created ArcSight (acquired by HP for $1.6B) and CloudShield which was acquired by SAIC for $300M. Additionally Marvin was the founding CTO and developed a portfolio of patents and intellectual property for the largest privately owned office equipment company in the country that was acquired by Staples for $500M in early 2019.

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