Leveraging state of the art human predictive analytics, Intervyo is the first and most advanced interview simulation engine in the world, capable of screening candidates, and accurately predict their suitability for the job.

The Problem: Finding the right candidates is a big challenge for any company, but especially for companies with high turnover rate. Recruitment costs are high and placing the wrong candidate can result in additional loss of productivity.

The Solution: The Intervyo solution allows companies to invite all their candidates for an automated interview with a virtual interviewer, analyze their performance on the interview and predict top job performers.

The Technology: Advanced micro-facial gesture analysis reveals hidden emotional intentions. True emotional sentiments are exposed using sensitive prosodic features analysis. Data driven psychology analysis assesses intrinsic behavioral attributes. Deep natural language processing evaluates response quality and relevance. Advanced machine learning algorithms and data analytics ensure statistical validity. Intervyo is a proud IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner, leveraging state of the art cognitive applications.

CEO: Jacky Hazan, CEO

Quote from Rachel Feinman: “Intervyo brings the hottest technology to the FIBA program – virtual reality and human predictive analytics. We can’t wait to start working with them and introduce them to Florida corporations”

Quote from CEO: “We are excited to join the FIBA program and hope to find investors and early adopters of our HR solution.”

Number of employees: 3