Connection to Innovation October 29th

Open to the community! As always, we will be featuring all things LOCAL in innovation and entrepreneurship, this time in Agriculture Technology in Tampa Bay. We will discuss how trail blazers in the industry use technology to become more sustainable, reduce recalls, increase efficiency and stay relevant to strides made in the industry in major cities around the globe. Tickets are $12 and include 1 free drink and heavy appetizers.

The event features Gary Wishnatzki, the third-generation family-owner at Wish Farms and Co-Founder at Harvest CROO Robotics. Wish Farms is nationally recognized for quality and innovation, growing both conventional and organic varieties and supplies a variety of berries year-round. Harvest CROO Robotics was created in 2013 in response to the agriculture labor crisis facing Florida, a topic which Wishnatzki will elaborate on at the event. Harvest Croo has received national recognition for developing its groundbreaking autonomous robots designed to effectively harvest strawberries.

The event will also spotlight a new initiative established by John Rivers, CEO of 4 Rivers Smokehouse, The 4Roots Farm and Agriculture Center, and their plans to encourage positive change in the way Florida eats and farms. Sara Elliott, Executive Director of 4Roots Foundation, will showcase the innovative technology utilized at the farm and how they are tackling the growing issue of food insecurity in our communities.

We will also have an exciting panel of AgTech experts and focused on the future of crops of Florida. The carefully selected panel will Mallory Lykes Dimmitt, VP Strategic Development at Lykes Bros. Inc and former Executive Director of Florida Wildlife Corridor, Tready Smith, CEO and Founder of Bayshore Capital Advisors, and Peter McClure, Chief Agricultural Officer at TerViva. The moderators of the panel will be John Dicks, Partner at Akerman LLP and Chair of Florida Department of Agriculture Innovations Workgroup and Lisa Conti, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Chief Science Officer at Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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