BuilderEdge closed its operations in 2020. For additional information about BuilderEdge, please contact FIBA.

BuilderEdge automates construction project schedule, budget, quality inspections, and management. They work with General Contractors (GC), specializing in repetitive construction – hotels, multi-family and single-family housing, office buildings, schools, hospitals. BuilderEdge is the first holistic plug and play construction manager system that gives you complete control from foundation to finish, enabling you to keep track of your construction projects, work smarter with sophisticated organization and communication technology.

The Problem: Construction projects constantly go over schedule and budget because neither are managed in real time.

The SolutionBuilderEdge is a construction project management ERP, built on Salesforce’s, which supports end to end project management. Through process automation and data management, the platform shows the actual schedule and budget, along with potential problems down the line.

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