ArTack Medical


ArTack Medical is a privately held, medical device company developing a variety of tools for the multi-billion dollar minimally invasive surgery market. Their “eTack” device offers a comprehensive solution for hernia mesh fixation without changing basic surgical techniques.

The problem:  Hernia is considered to be the most common procedure in the abdomen with 10 million hernia repairs performed annually worldwide. Existing devices for hernia repairs are limited in providing the best patient due to inability to access the mesh from the current trocar location, requiring the surgeon to use an additional trocar, while having to compromise and insert the tacks not vertical to the tissue.

The Solution: ArTack’s “eTack” consists of a revolutionary motorized laparoscopic fixation device that simplifies and enhances the minimal invasiveness of the tacking procedure, reducing risk and lowering costs. The device enhances flexibility for surgeons while providing consistent, repeatable performance.

Target Market: Primary care physicians, ALFs, endocrinologists


CEO:  Ziv Tamir

Company Size: 6

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