ACiiST provides secure high performing IOT data infrastructure for smart city and smart roads on every lamppost without typical disruption and prohibitive costs.

The problem: Cities are becoming “smart” and huge amounts of data to manage endpoints is transported in the urban outdoor area to sustain it. Existing solutions to connect urban smart systems are expensive and disruptive or unreliable and controlled by municipalities. Cities worldwide seek an affordable, reliable, secure, high-performance data infrastructure to enable critical modern city infrastructure such as cameras, sensors, signs and emergency systems.

The Solution: “MetropoLAN” is ACiiST’s distributed-network management and polarity suite of micro network switches and Smart-Light-Pole controllers that update existing city lamp posts in “Smart-Poles” and broadband IOT assets. The product is a paradigm that minimizes cabling and eliminates switches and patch boxes and is ideal for outdoor deployments. Polarity in every lamp-post leverages existing infrastructure and makes every lamp post an IOT asset with broadband and electricity 24/7.

Target Market: System integrators & operators, utility management companies, municipalities, telecommunications companies


CEO:  Sagi Gurfinkel

Company Size: 4