FIBA Digital Health Partner Program

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FIBA Digital Health Partner Program

April-June, 2021

The Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) offers Israeli startups an opportunity to participate in a program anchored by a Florida-based industry partner. FIBA is looking for Israeli startups with cutting edge solutions to challenges in the physician office setting as defined by our partner, Tampa General Hospital (TGH). FIBA will facilitate the application process and preliminary screening and TGH will select the companies for the program. Companies selected by TGH are required to participate in an 8-week virtual program which includes weekly workshops and culminates in a presentation to TGH executives for a potential pilot and additional pitch opportunities to investors and other partners.

We are looking for Israeli Innovation for the Outpatient Physician Office in the following areas:

  • Operational Efficiency: Ways to shorten or eliminate the manual administrative tasks of procuring and recording patient billing information and provider authorization both prior to and after the physician visit. (Clinical workflow)
  • Quality of Care Impact: Ways to provide the physician with more detailed, current, accurate and wholistic patient health information (PHI) prior to the visit. (Big data)
  • Provider Burnout Reduction / Communication Overload: Ways to reduce the administrative time and activities that clinical physician office staff perform daily (clinical workflow)
  • Exam Room Automation: Ways to improve throughput or efficiency of the exam room with cutting edge technology in the physical room. (NLP, Sensors, Computer vision with AI, IoT, NOT RPM)

Why you should apply:

Exclusive ​access to customers and capital partners:  

  • Meet with TGH executive team for consideration for a pilot
  • Pitch to additional healthcare partners
  • Present to a network of engaged investors across Florida and the US

Marketable and monetizable knowledge:

  • One-on-one coaching to refine your US Value Proposition
  • Gain an  insight into the sales process in the US
  • Customize investor and customer presentations for a US audience
  • Learn the best practices of penetrating the US market (and what not to do)


  • No upfront fees
  • Equity free
  • Success fee / finder’s fee only

About Tampa General Hospital (TGH)

TGH is a private not-for-profit hospital and one of the most comprehensive medical facilities in West Central Florida serving a dozen counties with a population in excess of 4 million. TGH is ranked one of America’s Best Hospitals for 2020-2021 in five specialties. As one of the largest hospitals in Florida, TGH is licensed for 1,006 beds, has more than 8,000 employees, with 1,200 physicians. In 2020, TGH had around 50,000 inpatient discharges and 500,000 outpatient visits. Learn more. 

About the Program

Companies accepted to the Partner Program will be required to participate in an 8 week virtual program (2-3 hour weekly commitment).
One company representative is required to participate.

Application period: February 22, 2021- March 26, 2021

Program Preparation: April 12 – April 30, 2021

8 week virtual program: May 3, 2021 – June 25, 2021


Questions? Contact us here. 

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