StemRad is a technological development that protects the human body from high doses of radiation. StemRad’s solution is to selectively protect stem cells in body’s largest reservoir of bone marrow – the hip region. This is the only way to provide meaningful protection while remaining mobile. Competing whole body solutions offer little to no protection from penetrating radiation such as gamma rays as they would have to weigh a quarter of a ton to do so. To supplement this protection, StemRad offers innovative measures to protect the stem cells present in other sensitive tissues.

StemRad partnered with Lockheed Martin Space Systems to develop radiation protection for NASA’s Orion manned mission to the moon in fall 2018.

Industry Applications: First responders, Military personnel, Law enforcement, Nuclear plants, Aerospace, Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

Company Objectives: To develop and produce life-saving protection against deadly radiation. The revolutionary StemRad 360 Gamma is the world’s first wearable shield that provides first responders and emergency workers with life-saving protection from deadly gamma radiation. The shield’s full compatibility with existing PPE and its optimized design, provide the wearer with the mobility required to perform life-saving tasks in the event of a nuclear catastrophe.


Company Size: 7

CEO: Dr. Oren Milstein. Dr. Milstein co-founded StemRad in November 2011, and has been leading R&D efforts ever since. Milstein has more than 12 years of Life Sciences research experience; formerly, Dr. Milstein was an EMBO fellow at NYU’s Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine, where his research provided basic insights into the mechanism of T cell activation. Later in his career, as an NIH fellow at the Scripps Research Institute he discovered a novel mechanism for iron deficiency anemia. Subsequently, Oren focused his research on radiation-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Dr. Milstein received his Ph.D. degree from The Weizmann Institute of Science in 2008, where he developed novel strategies for successful bone marrow transplantation into irradiated subjects. He received his B.Sc., Magna Cum Laude, from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His research has resulted in several peer-reviewed publications and patents.

Quote from CEO: “We at StemRad are honored to have been selected by the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) and are confident that their support will allow us to create a significant footprint in the promising U.S. market. Through their existing relationships with the U.S. Military, leading hospitals and governmental agencies, the experienced FIBA team is in a position to help us materialize our goals.”

Quote from Jack Ross: “FIBA is excited to accept StemRad into the FIBA Launch program. StemRad brings a strong scientific flavor to FIBA’s program and to the Tampa Bay area. We like the dual applicability of their product and look forward to help them explore new industries in collaboration with the academic institutes and experts in our area.”