2018 Cohort Feature: BetterCare

Naomi Shalom Rubinstein felt from a very young age that helping people with disabilities live full lives was a priority to her. Choosing community service was a natural choice for her and Naomi spent her service hours working hand in hand with physical and occupational therapists at a school for Cerebral Palsy children. This work led her to get her degree as a Physical Therapist and she continued in the field, working in nursing homes and helping people gain function, eventually getting her MBA and MHA. Migrating into Continue reading →

FIBA Announces the first four companies of its 2018 program…

SUCCESSES OF ITS INAUGURAL 2017 COHORT GUIDE THE WAY TO A PROMISING SECOND YEAR (Tampa, FL, February 8, 2018) Following a successful inaugural year, the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) is excited to announce the four companies that were selected for the first round of the 2018 program. With companies in the digital health, ecologically conscious construction, cyber security, and medical device industries, FIBA is becoming a leader of ushering innovative Israeli companies into the U.S. market. BetterCare develops a real-time communication and care management platform Continue reading →


UC-Care develops, manufactures and sells medical devices for urologists. UC-Care created two products:  1) Navigo System, a fusion navigation system for prostate biopsies. 2) SmartBx System – prostate biopsy preserving download device. The Problem: Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men in the US after skin cancer. Currently, biopsies for prostate cancer are done with the guidance of an ultrasound, which offers inadequate visibility in addition to inability to identify the exact location of the pathology. Biopsies are known to The Solution: UC-Care Continue reading →


Using innovative tools Nucleon is the next generation of collecting and analyzing cyber threats. Nucleon constantly monitors attacks coming from professional hackers, governments and other highly skilled professionals that might cause significant damage to networks. By alerting about the source of these attacks Nucleon enables you to block the attacks before they get into your networks. The problem: Cyber Threats are growing every day and cyber attacks become more common and more powerful. The solution: Nucleon is based on innovative technology with tools built to Continue reading →


ECOncrete developed a revolutionary science-based approach to eco-engineering of coastal and marine infrastructure, providing robust, cost-efficient concrete solutions for the ever-growing global climate change threats such as sea-level rise and superstorms. ECOncrete mission is to change the way our future coastlines look and function, through a suite of proprietary bio-enhancing concrete products and designs that increase the ecological value of breakwaters, seawalls, pier piles and alike, while improving their structural performance. The Problem: To date, urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure have been designed and built Continue reading →


BetterCare’s vision is to enable smooth, real-time communication between caregivers, nurses & professional staff in order to improve care at nursing homes. The Problem: The communication between nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in skilled nursing facilities across shifts with high turnover staff is very challenging. There is a great need for point of care (POC) information to be consistently disseminated to all caregivers and easily collected from them in a timely way. With multiple caregivers taking care of a group of residents in one Continue reading →

Gearing up for the 2018 Program

FIBA is gearing up to the launch of its 2018 program in a couple of weeks. On February 12, FIBA will welcome four representatives of the four Israeli companies that were selected for the first session of the FIBA 2018 program. On Monday morning FIBA hosted around 50 local leaders, business people, and community members, who have expressed interest in helping the Israeli entrepreneurs upon their arrival to Tampa and were excited to learn about the program and the companies. FIBA offers different opportunities for Continue reading →

FIBA – Volunteering With Passion

Israel is in Lauren Prager’s soul. A self-described Zionist, when Lauren talks about Israel, you can feel the passion exuding out of her. From her first trip to Israel at age 15 Lauren was connected. Several trips back to Israel followed, including extended stays with the American High School in Israel (AMHSI) program and the Nativ College Leadership Program. With each trip back, Lauren’s connection with Israel, the culture and the people grew stronger. Most importantly, Lauren’s goal of connecting Israel to the people in Continue reading →

Catching up with Yaniv at Blazepod!

We were so excited to catch up recently with one of our inaugural cohorts, Yaniv Shneiderman at Blazepod to see what the latest news is for his company. Blazepod is a modular touch fitness system that can enhance your workouts by challenging your speed and reaction time. It allows you to plan your training schedule, choose from 100 of workouts and track your performance all from your smart phone. The Blazpod inventor has been busy in the past year. With Fitness experts reaching out to take part in the product creation Continue reading →

News from Israel….The Salad Trail

The salad trail – Israel’s tastiest tourist attraction The Salad Trail in the Negev encourages visitors to get a feel for the land and its produce. By Viva Sarah Press APRIL 9, 2015, 6:00 AM Can you name 15 varieties of cherry tomatoes? What about four types of carrots? Have you ever tasted an Uri Kaduri orange? And do you know the difference between the seven varieties of mint leaves? A three-hour visit to the Salad Trail, a unique touch-and-taste farm in the Hevel Habesor Continue reading →
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