Premium Programs

Premium Programs

Elite secondary programs designed to accelerate your success.

Companies that successfully complete FIBA Launch may be eligible to apply for FIBA’s premium secondary programs. These ongoing engagements are designed to focus on establishing your business in the US and ramping up your sales pipeline.

FIBA shared office space


The PowerConnect program is tailored to your company and focuses on growth in the US market. It includes critical sales functions such as:

  • lead generation and qualification
  • US-focused sales and marketing strategy
  • assistance in hiring US employees and establishing a US office

To qualify for the FIBA PowerConnect program, companies must successfully complete the FIBA Launch program. If you are interested, please submit an application. 

Establishing a US Office

Ready to open a US base of operations? Companies that have completed FIBA Launch and are interested in opening a base in Florida, preferably the Tampa Bay Area, FIBA will assist with the logistical and administrative tasks involved in the process.

Our team and network of service providers will provide guidance on incorporation, tax and legal issues, office space leasing, talent recruitment, access to grants and capital, and — most important — setting up an efficient operation that will support U.S. customers. By avoiding common pitfalls and establishing a solid foundation, we will increase the probability of your success in the U.S. market.