Learn About Becoming a Partner


Our corporate sponsors and affiliates add powerful industry expertise by sharing their irreplaceable knowledge with our startups.

We seek sponsors and affiliates who will both compliment and champion our innovators at the highest level; who understand engagement and collaboration, and who are committed to our startup founders’ success.

A Win-Win Offer

Large corporations have difficulty fostering innovation in-house, but have an inherent need to stay close to it. By partnering with FIBA, corporations can essentially out-source R&D by having access to the most cutting-edge technology and some of the world’s most innovative thinkers.

Direct industry input will help those same innovators to streamline product into existing production-lines; shorten time to market and lower costs.



  • Tap into Startup Nation innovation: a country constantly at the cutting edge of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • A platform to work with the most talented entrepreneurs in the world who are focused on innovative solutions in your industry.
  • Massive lift in brand awareness through marketing and public relations.
  • Take part in our business community development by contributing to an ever-growing and “vibrant startup” ecosystem in the Tampa Bay Area.
  • Industry Wisdom: addressing true industry need through innovation putting your company at the forefront of emerging technologies.
  • Opportunities for investment, partnership, licensing or acquisition.
  • Gain access to high growth potential future customers.
  • Meet top tier talent in your field of expertise.
  • Join other sponsors and affiliates in our network.

To become one of our sponsor or affiliate companies, visit our contact us page.