Be a Mentor

Your expertise and guidance is needed to help the next wave of dynamic startups achieve success. Mentors work directly with the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator participants to enhance their skills and knowledge, share valuable experience and help them solve problems. The Florida-Israel Business Accelerator participants also look to mentors to be connectors and facilitators within the local business community. Mentors receive access to a variety of high quality, early stage startups.

Eligibility Requirements

  • mentorshipProfessionals with substantial early-stage or industry experience (including Attorneys, Professional Marketers, Accountants, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurs with a range of successful skill-sets including exit strategies, excellence in fundraising, and other startup experiences.
  • Experienced Business Professionals with a history of various non-industry specific roles such as business development and strategy, sales or other levels of management.
  • Investors which can include the full spectrum of investment categories including angel, venture capitalists, or corporate ventures.
  • Academic Experts with a demonstrable knowledge of technical expertise and relevant academic credentials. This includes university professors, researchers and other active academic professionals.

Will you be PICKED?

Proactive: Our mentors proactively engage with our entrepreneurs by attending our events and being responsive and proactive to their needs.

Invested: Our mentors are required to spend at least 1 hour every two week per participant mentored. Mentorships are four months long.

Committed: Our Mentors engage with our cohorts through hands-on mentorship and by conducting office hours.

Keyed-in: Our mentors are active participants in the Tampa Bay community and are expected to help our entrepreneurs to plug-in as well.

Energized: Our mentors bring contagious energy and encouragement to our entrepreneurs.

Diligent: Our mentors have a responsibility to be diligent in their support of our startups and their founders.