This isn’t acceleration. This is Launch.

Are you ready to take your venture to a global market? FIBA’s Launch program leverages a strong network of business executives, investors, government officials, and leaders from within the Florida Jewish and broader community to inform your go-to-market plan, build your network, and provide access to the investors and corporations necessary to successfully enter the US market.

FIBA Launch: Validation. Immersion.

The FIBA Launch program is separated into 2 key components: Validation and Immersion.


  • Gain market and domain knowledge through an assigned team of executive level-mentors and subject matter experts.
  • Prepare and practice for customer and investor meetings.
  • Receive feedback and go-to-market strategy validation from a corporate partner interested in your technology.


  • One-on-one investor meetings and pitch opportunities.
  • Sales meetings with potential customers.
  • Meet the Tampa Bay business community through public and private networking events.
  • Additional immersion opportunities in Florida.

Are you ready for Launch?

Companies that are a good fit for FIBA Launch will meet the following criteria:

  • Product or technology that is ready for market, preferably with a customer-base in Israel or other countries.
  • Resources allocated to activities surrounding launch of the product in the US market.
  • Founders are willing and available to travel to Tampa extensively; or relocate to the US; or hire an executive level employee based in the US.

We encourage you to submit an application even if you are not sure whether you are a good candidate. We will review all applications and get in touch with you to discuss.

group of entrepreneurs brainstorming product

Why this program is for you

Launching your technology in a new market, especially the US, can be costly. At FIBA we believe that we can help you enter the market with a much lower investment than you expect.  The FIBA Launch program expedites your time to market and helps you find your initial US-based customers.

Once you have a track record in the US, customer acquisition can become easier and investors will be more inclined to consider your company.

The FIBA Launch Program is offered at no upfront cost to the Israeli company. For any successful sales or investment, FIBA will receive a commission (% of revenue) and/or finder’s fee (sliding scale based on the amount raised).

FIBA is a subsidiary of the Tampa Jewish Federation and Community Centers, a non-profit (501c3) organization, and the fees will contribute toward future programming and the overall mission of the parent organization.

Validate your strategy with real business leaders in one of the best test markets in the US.