A Startup Nation Video

A new video created by Owl Productions demonstrates how technology from Israel touches many facets of our daily life. From Waze to Mobileeye to USB drives, our personal and professional lives have been enhanced, thanks to the ingenuity, work ethic and chutzpah of Israel’s innovators. Learn about the everyday ways in which we use Israeli technology as well as an exciting innovation that’s on the horizon.

2015 a Record Year for Israeli Exits

A powerhouse in the international business community is emerging. Israel, a country of only 7.6 million people (New York City has 8.4 million people), has fostered thousands of startups in recent years. These startups are achieving tremendous success both in terms of the products and services that they create and the value they generate for investors. The year 2015 continued the trend as the money generated by exits in Israel topped the $5 billion mark for the fifth straight year. This consisted of Israeli companies Continue reading →

Israeli Entrepreneurs Must Think Globally From Day One

Since the late 1980s, Israel has steadily grown into a force among the international business and tech communities. This country, roughly the size of New Jersey, has generated thousands of startups, brought game-changing innovations such as MobileEye and Waze to the market and garnered billions in funding from investors. In fact, more money has been invested in Israeli startups than startups in all European countries. It’s a marvelous achievement given Israel’s size, population and relative youth as a country (Israel was established as country in Continue reading →

Israeli Technology You Use Everyday

Imagine you driving down an unfamiliar stretch of highway, trying to locate the right exit to find the company for which you have to give an important presentation. You need proper directions, but you also need to get there fast. Getting there fast is risky, driving into a speed trap is costly and will all but end your chances of arriving on time. Getting into an accident has much greater costs. Luckily, you are able to get there safely, on time and with no traffic Continue reading →
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