BetterCare’s vision is to enable smooth, real-time communication between caregivers, nurses & professional staff in order to improve care at nursing homes.

The Problem: The communication between nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in skilled nursing facilities across shifts with high turnover staff is very challenging. There is a great need for point of care (POC) information to be consistently disseminated to all caregivers and easily collected from them in a timely way. With multiple caregivers taking care of a group of residents in one shift and with only manual written documentation, crucial information is lost and/or being distorted. As a result, patient care is compromised.

The Solution: BetterCare developed leading technology for caregivers’ support. The system provides caregivers with accurate information at the Point of Care, facilitating on-time documentation of important data, enabling an alert system to report to the Charge Nurse in a simple and easy manner, and automatically creating caregivers’ daily schedules.

The Technology: An icon and picture based mobile application for caregivers with a web interface for the nurses and managers. The application is simple, user-friendly, customizable and comprehensive.  The mobile application runs on a regular smart phone and is very intuitive to learn and use.


Company size: 6

CEO: Naomi Shalom Rubinstein

Quote from CEO: “We are thrilled to join the FIBA program and hope it will show us the road to the US market and help us become a significant player in this market”

FIBA Launch participant: Naomi Shalom Rubinstein, CEO

Quote from Rachel Feinman: “We are excited to bring BetterCare to Tampa and expose them to the Florida market, where skilled nursing facilities are abundant and the BetterCare product can significantly improve patient care. We were introduced to BetterCare through our partnership with, CDI Negev, an Israeli accelerator program located in Beer-Sheva with a focus on digital health, healthy aging, smart cities and education technology and we look forward to working together to make BetterCare successful.”