Say - What's your say?Say created a dynamic wearable display controlled by a smartphone that can be incorporated into clothing and accessories. It allows consumers to express themselves, brands to engage with their fans in a new way and event organizers to deliver a synchronized live content experience. The problem: Consumers, especially teens, are constantly looking for new ways to express themselves, while brands are always looking for new ways to engage their fans. There is also a growing need to engage teens with safety wearables in a way that will entice them to use it. The solution: Say Slim is a lightweight and affordable device with an HD screen that is controlled by a smartphone. Consumers can elegantly incorporate the device into a t-shirt or hat, and share content that expresses their mood or matches their outfit. Say Tech is software platform that brand can license in order to push-content to their fans’ devices to keep them updated and engaged. The safety feature of the Say platform allows users to send an instant distress signal when phone is out of reach for instant assistance. The technology: The Say device is equipped with bluetooth connectivity, tapping and proximity sensors. The Say companion app allows users to access the Say content marketplace, create and share content, join and manage groups, like and comment (IM). The technology is cloud-based. CEO: Shaked Lev, CEO Rachel quote: “Say is one of the coolest companies in the FIBA portfolio. We plan to explore partnerships for Say in the tourism and sports industries in Florida.” CEO quote: “As we opened our round A, we are thrilled to collaborate with the FIBA team and to be exposed to the Tampa community as we believe it can help us raise the funds needed to bring our innovation and life-saving cause to the US market.” Number of employees: 5