Be a Service Provider

Part of our unique value proposition is helping innovative companies start or expand their U.S. operation by connecting them with leading service providers who are experts in their field and who can leverage a company that is new to the market. We are looking up to three service providers in each of the following service categories:

  • Sales (strategies, training/coaching, sales plan, sales infrastructure, actual lead/customer generation, active assistance in closing deals)
  • Support (build customer/tech support infrastructure, processes, and implementation of the same)
  • Distribution (build distribution and channel partnerships and processes)
  • Legal Infrastructure
  • Tax Services infrastructure (includes international, IP and export control)
  • Accounting Services
  • Technology Services
  • Finance (Banking) Services
  • Real Estate (Office Space)
  • Recruiting/Staffing services

Our service providers will be invited to sit on the advisory board, participate in the screening process and have exclusive access to the selected startup companies with the intention that upon completion of the accelerator program a long term contract will be signed between the service provider and the startup. FIBA will facilitate meetings between the startups and the service providers during the 16-week program to ensure alignment and expedite implementation.