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  • Eight Israeli startups participated in FIBA’s first cohort in 2017.
  • BlazePod has identified a strategic partner located in Tampa to fulfill its pre-orders from its successful crowdfunding campaigns on Indigogo and KickStarter.
  • eProc Solutions completed a successful pilot with a global corporation headquartered in Tampa, providing services to Global 2000 companies and negotiating a long term agreement
  • StemRad established N. America headquarters in Tampa and hiring Tampa-based employees
  • WeissBeerger is in discussion with a restaurant franchise with 1500 locations headquartered in Tampa
  • Presentation at Innovation Fusion with 300 attendees
  • Presentation at US SOCOM and exclusive access to internal technology collaboration platform
  • Support and incentives from State and County agencies
  • Partnerships with Tampa-based distributors, resellers and advisors
  • Strong, committed, and passionate network who opens doors, mentors, and nurture
  • Collaboration with University of South Florida and University of Tampa for programing, networking and interns


StemRad Co-founder and CEO, Oren MilsteinStemRad Co-founder and CEO, Oren Milstein:

"For StemRad, participating in the FIBA program has proved to be a critically important factor in establishing our North American operations. The FIBA program assisted with all aspects of acculturation and understanding of the American market, and how to conduct business in the U.S.  It provided insight and mentorship to localizing our product and fine-tuning our approach to potential customers.  FIBA provided numerous opportunities to engage with customer end-users, investors, subject-matter experts and with various professional service providers who proved to be an integral part of our U.S. launch.  If that were not enough, the Tampa Jewish community and broader entrepreneurial community embraced StemRad as if we were family. With FIBA, we found a trusted partner."

eProc Solutions Founder and CEO, Oren RoseneProc Solutions Founder and CEO, Oren Rosen:

“I was somewhat skeptical when I joined the FIBA program because it was new and had no track record. But after spending 6 months with the FIBA team, I am their biggest advocate. I have had great success in the Israeli market and knew I didn’t have the platform and knowledge to launch my technology in the US. The FIBA team and the network of advisors and mentors that they introduced me to helped me navigate the US market, understand the sales process and streamline my messaging and demo presentation. Thanks to FIBA, we completed a successful pilot with a global company headquartered in Tampa and are in the process of negotiating a long term agreement. I also partnered with a local reseller that will help eProc grow their business in Florida and the US. The program continues to exceed my expectations. I highly recommend it to Israeli startups ready to launch their product in the US market.”

Bob Reish of WeissBeergerWeissBeerger Beverage Analytics Director of Operations, North America, Bob Reish:

“We joined the FIBA program soon after we launched our technology in the US. The FIBA team presented us business opportunities that reshaped our go-to-market strategy in the US. FIBA introduced us to large restaurant and bars chains headquartered in Florida and to other major players in the food & beverage industry. While the sales process is long, we feel that the FIBA team is by our side providing advice and guidance on how to follow-up and progress with these large accounts. The Innovation Fusion event exposed us to the Tampa community who appears to be welcoming and eager to help. We enjoy working with the FIBA team and are grateful for the opportunity.”

Tevatronic Founder and CEO, Oleg KorolTevatronic Founder and CEO, Oleg Korol:

“FIBA acceleration program has done and continue doing all they can to help our company enter the US market. The program included workshops and one-on-one sessions with top-notch professionals who help us formulate and improve our sales process. The FIBA team and their network setup meeting with real customers, distributors and potential partners and help us with follow-ups and advice as we go through the sales process. The team and the community in Tampa are highly motivated and dedicated to make each startup succeed.”

BlazePod Founder and CEO, Yaniv ShneidermanBlazePod Founder and CEO, Yaniv Shneiderman:

“FIBA’s program and the dedicated team were extremely useful. They helped us better understand the US market, learn who might be our most relevant customers and what can be the right penetration strategy for BlazePod. Together, we figured out the right steps we have to go through in order to successfully cross this road. FIBA is like having a partner in the US who will always open doors for you and help you make progress at every stage.”