FIBA Launch

FIBA Opens the Market for You

FIBA Launch is designed to help hi-tech startup companies enter, scale and reach their full growth potential in the United States. FIBA Launch finds the niche for your technology, consults you on how to localize the product, explores broader application and expansion to other industries, guides you on product, pricing and distribution strategies, connects you with service providers, assists in end-to-end “prospect to win” sales activities including marketing activities and lead generation, preparation for your customers meetings, coordination of pitch and demo opportunities with prospects and investors, and assistance with contract negotiation.

FIBA Launch also want to ease the logistical and administrative burden of relocating a team and opening an office in the U.S. Our team will provide assistance with immigration, travel arrangements, tax and legal issues, office space leasing, talent recruitment, access to grants and capital, and most important setting up an efficient operation that will support U.S. customers. By avoiding common pitfalls and establishing a solid foundation, we will increase the probability of your success in the U.S. market.

Companies that are a good fit for FIBA Launch have a product/technology at NASA readiness level TRL4 or above, preferably with a customer-base in Israel or other countries and pre or post revenue. Additional requirements include clear ownership of intellectual property and export control approval from the appropriate authorities. The founders must be willing, available and capable to travel to Tampa for the duration of the program. We encourage you to fill out our application even if you are not sure whether you are a good candidate. We will review all applications and get in touch with you to discuss.


 Participant Funding

A move to the United States can be costly. Recognizing that there is a financial impact to relocating your company, each company admitted to our program will receive up to $40,000 alongside other benefits to help mitigate this burden.  In exchange for this and other tangible benefits, FIBA will receive a negotiated equity stake in each participant company. FIBA is a project of the Tampa Jewish Community Centers and Federation, Inc., non-profit (501c3) organization, and the equity stake will contribute toward future programming and development of the accelerator, as well as to the overall mission of the parent organization.


FIBA is housed in the new Bryan Glazer Family JCC. At the historic building, known as Ft. Homer W. Hesterly Armory building, notable luminaries as Elvis Presley and President John F. Kennedy once graced the stage.

  • Approximately 2,400 sq. ft. of open space, conductive to the type of collaboration you thrive on and a conference room – when you need some privacy. (Additional space may also be available at another location).
  • Audio/Video – A/V necessities, including a projector, flat-screen smart TV w/Chromecast, and PA system.
  • High-speed internet.
  • Document services printer, scanner, copier and fax machine.




We get it. You are very smart. Otherwise, you would not be here. But even the most tech and business savvy entrepreneurs need help. That's why we provide expert mentors who know (almost) everything.

Our participants receive expert guidance from a network of experienced entrepreneurs and executives. This group provides advice and candid feedback to startups helping them refine commercialization strategy, find customers who can validate and implement the technology, help them to build a foundation for growth that they can in turn sustain their businesses.

Business Formation and Legal Support

One of the additional benefits offered to those companies selected to our program is business formation assistance and legal support. Our legal partners help you establish your Florida business entity and can provide additional support regarding Intellectual Property and other matters; including recruitment of local employees, offer letters, term sheets, SPAs and shareholder's resolutions.

Legal and Business Formation Services

HR and Recruiting support

HR and Recruiting Support

Whether you are looking for technologists, marketing and sales, or customer support, our HR and recruiting partners will help you find the talent you need for your company's success.

Access to Capital

The Florida-Israel Business Accelerator participants will have several opportunities to connect with leading investors and venture funds. During the program there will be a number of events in which the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator members and investors can meet and interact.




The Florida-Israel Business Accelerator has strategic partnerships to connect startups with leading technology companies, and potential customers that are specifically relevant to their venture.


We help you get through the visa maze.

Our immigration legal consultants will listen, make an honest evaluation, provide guidance, planning and legal representation to reach your immigration goals.

Personal attention and follow up are essential parts of this benefit service.

Tampa Israel Relocation Services

Individual Benefits

Tampa Israel Relocation Services

Relocation Support

Moving to Tampa, can be a very time-consuming endeavor, but we are here to make sure your relocation is smooth, stress free, and - dare we say it – enjoyable. After all, it’s an exciting time for you and you need to focus on your company.

Successful candidates will receive immigration and visa support.

We'll help you at every stage of the move, from house-hunting to finding the right schools for your children. Relocating creates a lot of work and stress. We will help to make a smooth transition.

Education and Family Support

As part of our program, participants receive free membership at both of the local Jewish Community Centers as well as discounted tuition to the Jewish Community Center’s preschool on the Cohn Campus.

You can be a part of the FIBA Launch program in various capacities, such as a challenge sponsor, sponsor, investor, mentor, speaker or intern. Discover opportunities to be a part of the growth of the Tampa Bay business community.