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The Times of Israel: Israeli researchers harness gold in battle with cancer

By SHOSHANNA SOLOMON 9 January 2018, 12:57 pm   Gold has been used over the ages to mint coins, fill cavities and decorate desserts. Now, Israeli researchers are studying how the precious metal can be used to help fight cancer, because it can help increase the intensity of radiation absorbed by tumors. The researchers are aiming primarily to tackle cancers of the head and neck — those affecting the mouth, nose or throat, and caused largely by alcohol and tobacco use. “A major problem in the treatment of Continue reading →

NoCamels: Massive Cyber Attacks, Autonomous Electric Cars And ‘Augmented’ Workforces: Israeli Industry Experts’ Predictions For The Next 5 Years

By Ricky Ben-David, NoCamels January 04, 2018 1 Comments In the next round of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel should prepare for massive cyber breaches to critical infrastructure that may do real damage and bring in a new element to war, warned Yuval Shachar, the executive chairman of the leading Israeli cybersecurity think tank Team8. The warning was one of several observations made by Shachar at a conference in Tel Aviv this week that brought together leading Israeli figures in the tech ecosystem to unpack trends and Continue reading →